My approach

Panning for gold

It’s tempting to think that the person you long to become in life, work and relationship can only come about if you resolve your core wounds and fix your problems. But when you focus exclusively on trying to improve yourself or alleviate your problems, you can get stuck. Often the next step is look outside yourself for a solution. Maybe an expert, or better yet a guru, has the answers. 

But when the self-improvement project becomes a self-perfection project, you end up farther away from your self than when you started. So much efforting to become someone, so much striving to improve. At a certain point, you realize you’re just rejecting yourself. I know this because I’ve lived it.

The issue is not whether you can find the right roadmap outside of yourself. It is whether you can slow down enough to recognize your own wholeness and unearth the innate capacity that is already here, waiting for you.

In our coaching sessions we will pan for the gold in you that’s already here. Rather than focusing on a problem to solve, we peer into your presence, your personality, and your soul with reverence and curiosity. We begin with the assumption that there is nothing to be fixed, because there is nothing fundamentally broken. And from this vantage point we look with truthfulness and respect at who you have become and who you are becoming.

brown and gray rock on water

In this process, courage, gentleness, and child-like wonder become your allies. You learn to meet what’s right here—the parts of you that you may have rejected or the things you might be afraid to feel.

We turn our attention toward what wants to emerge, rather than trying to impose some change from the top-down. Embodied change is less about forcing transformation and more about creating the conditions for change to unfold on its own.

From here, we can engage the strategic side of change by designing practices and prototyping experiments that help you step into and embody new ways of being in the world.

This is the paradox of change. We’re already enough, but at the same time evolution wants to happen. Maybe we’re not completely in charge of this process. Maybe we can get out of the way and step into the flowing river that already has us.

But this is hard work to do in isolation

We often can’t see the water we’re swimming in and we can be our own worst critics. So at a certain point, we actually need each other to see ourselves. This is my service in the world, my offering—and it’s deeply important to me: to be a catalyzing mirror.

I invite you into engaged relationship – with yourself, with me as your coach, and with the Mystery that holds all of us. Together, lets peer into what’s possible and make space for what wants to emerge in you.

“Scott was totally present for me in a moment of real spiritual self-doubt and anxiety that I was too afraid to let anyone else in on. He could see and understand what I could barely explain, and that transformed the whole situation for me.”