Transformational Coaching

When you let go of the battle against yourself, a deeper potential is unlocked


I help people turn inward to face themselves so they can free their innate potential and engage the world from their deeper wholeness.


Release the inner critic

Unburden yourself from the critical and judgemental inner voices that sabotoge your heart’s longing.

Be genuinely yourself

Learn how to rest in the simplicity and intimacy of being yourself, instead of trying to be someone else.

Free your potential

Bring your unique gifts to your relationships, your community, and your work in the world.

The parts of yourself that you struggle against are the very doorways to your deeper wholeness

We live in a cultural story that tells us over and over that we’re not enough, that the work of growth is about improving and bettering and fixing ourselves. So you push yourself to become a better version of yourself. But in the quest for better, you setup a battle against yourself that you can’t and won’t win:

  • “If only I didn’t feel self-doubt, I would be confident.”
  • “If only I didn’t feel confused, I would be clear.”
  • “If only I didn’t feel inadequate, I would take action.”

When you reject one part of yourself in order to strive toward an idealized version of yourself, you end up subtly rejecting the larger truth of who you are, which includes your self-doubt, your confusion, and your sense of inadequacy.

And in truth, it takes a lot of effort to reject yourself.

When you can make room for what’s true right now, and step into the exact shape of this particular moment, you make room for the more complex and complete whole of who and what you really are.

Wholeness isn’t the absence of your shadows, it’s the inclusion of them. And it is so much vaster and more inclusive than the confined identity we create for ourselves.

Awaken the beautifully unique potential within you

It’s tempting to think that the potential you sense for yourself is out there in the future. If only you could overcome the worst parts of yourself. But what if the very things you reject about yourself aren’t hurdles to avoid? What if, instead, they are portals to your authentic truth?

I offer mentorship for people who want to embrace their innate and beautifully unique potential. I support my clients to unearth and embody the wholeness and possibility that is already within, patiently waiting to be discovered.

If you are interested in working together, let’s connect and have a conversation. You can schedule a call at the link below.

Is this a fit for you?

My approach can be supportive during times of transition or challenge, when life is asking you to be bigger than you know how. This might be a good fit for you if:

  • You sense the possibility of living and leading with more presence, capacity, and vitality, but you need support to step fully into it.
  • You want to create lasting and meaningful changes in your life, but you keep getting in your own way.
  • You’re aware of old habits, and you even have insight into their origins, but you feel stuck in a loop, repeating old ways of being that aren’t aligned with who you want to be.
  • You want to directly engage with your own evolution.
  • You sense an important change is happening from within you, and you feel a desire to tend to its emergence.
  • You have experienced some kind of awakening to a deeper truth and you want to deepen into this new awareness.

About Scott

It brings me great joy to witness another, to hold space for their emergence, to celebrate their uniqueness, to invite them to look deeper into themselves, and to help them navigate the dark interior and shining bright light at the center of their soul.

I blend 15 years of training in contemplative spirituality with developmentally-informed coaching practices to support my clients in the process of turning toward themselves with open awareness and resourcing presence.

I hold a compassionate and pragmatic space for self-discovery. My method is based on a simple but paradoxical truth: that we need each other to see ourselves, that something transformative happens when you bring your struggles and your intentions into a supportive relationship. I believe we’re all just walking each other home and that what we need isn’t a roadmap, but a trustworthy and grounded other who can sit with us as we peer into the unknown to see what’s waiting to be discovered.

“Scott’s presence is a healing balm and a gift. He is wildly insightful and has a profound gift of dancing others deeply into the mystery itself.”


– Jane Weintraub